Refund and Cancellation

  • GoJainYatra provides online booking of Dharamshalas and collects deposit against booking reservation, in addition to convenience charges. All such deposit collected and transferred to the bank account of Dharamshalas. Hence for all cancellation and refunds, users have to directly contact the Dharamshalas management. Each Dharamshala as a different cancellation and refund policy , which is displayed on GoJainYatra’s web site during booking.
  • The booking of rooms is done by GoJainYatra out of room inventory specifically earmarked by Dharmashala for GoJainYatra or by specifically confirming availability. However, in exceptional circumstances, Dharamshala may not be able to provide accommodation and convey such refusal well in time. In such case GoJainYatra will refund the deposit amount directly to user via the refund mechanism of the Payment Gateway Service Provider(s).